Piece description from the artist

Malibu, CA— My photographic habits are pretty counter-intuitive towards grouping images together to collectively convey an idea or emotion so it is difficult for me to lay out exactly what I want and how I want it from the get go. I enjoy having spontaneity in my photography as I feel that style lends itself more to the kind of subjects I am photographing. With so much going on that I don’t want to control it is difficult to get exactly what I have in my head without speaking up. I can get close enough to my main idea most times. I think this attitude is lent from a lack of formal education in the subject of photography. Hopefully I can better organize and articulate my thoughts as I become older and more educated.

Other works by Randall Phenning

About Randall Phenning

Atlantic Beach, FL

Randall was born in California in 1989 and is now residing in Florida. He enjoys looking for photos of subtle passion and arranging them into a narrative.

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