Keep on going

Keep on Going

Piece description from the artist

This particular painting is extra special to me. It goes without saying this has been a challenging year for most everyone. I can say I’ve had some really sad moments and tough losses and some really amazing moments that filled me to the brim with joy. It’s been a true roller-coaster ride! Wherever you find yourself in the spectrum of emotions it’s sometimes hard to remember that this too shall pass. If you’re in a dark place my advice is to keep on going. There’s a light waiting for you down the path a little further.

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About Stefan Mierz

Rockport, MA

Stefan Mierz was born in Lowell, MA in 1978. His family moved to the art colony, Rockport, MA, when he was two years old. His interest in drawing and painting was apparent at an early age. Encouraged by family members and school teachers, Stefan continued painting and was given oil paints at the at age of 15. Imaginative landscapes were the main subject of his early works.
Stefan attended Johnson State College in Johnson, VT and majored in fine art with a focus on oil and acrylic painting. After five years in the mountains, the call of the ocean air brought him back to Rockport, MA where he resides today. Stefan finds the outdoors energizing and likes to spend his free time in the day hiking around the beautiful beaches and wilderness areas around Cape Ann.

Stefan's paintings often contain archetype symbols of nature, the city, technology and the human body. Bold, bright contrasting colors separated by dark lines make many compare his paintings to stained glass. Other works are almost purely pointillist. Always seeking to explore new ideas and design concepts, each new painting often looks very different from the one before it.

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