Just a Weed

Piece description from the artist

"You ain't a beauty, but yea, you're alright"

even weeds can be seen in a beautiful light.

Other works by Melanie Peterson Hook

About Melanie Peterson Hook

Sonora, CA

Melanie Peterson was born in Arizona yet finds it hard to answer the simple question “Where are you from?” To her, this question is as much about mind-set as it is about place. Melanie moved around a lot as a child, and her preferences and perspectives changed with the scenery.

Melanie found her artistic tastes veered toward urban street art and soon became fascinated by early photographic printing processes as resulting images had a similar texture to that of graffiti. She fell in love with using old processing methods. The fusion of digital technology and analogue photography ultimately became Melanie's main focus.

Melanie attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California and after her nomadic adolescence, quickly learned to appreciate her life in the Bay Area. For her, the city of San Francisco has become that one perfect photo.

See Melanie's portfolio here

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