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I was tasked with creating an image without the use of Typography that spoke about the dangers of too much sugar and salt in the diet. The greatest challenge was distilling the core complex message down to a single image, while maintaining the message. I decided that the since these are ultimately the culprit on heart disease, then the human heart was the best place to begin. I then decided to use French fries to represent salt and a lollipop to represent the sugar.
I wanted to use the color treatment to home in on the ominous aspect of the heart dying. My inspiration came from a heart undergoing necrosis. I also wanted to balance the overall color palette to simultaneously drawn the view in. Enjoy!

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About Jan Morris

Georgetown, TX

Jan Leigh Morris aka J.L. is an artist, a creative professional. He has a passion for many forms of art; he has created films, documentaries, photography graphics, websites, and traditional art. After years of soul searching Jan has come to the realization that he can't simply label himself as merely a "photographer" or "artist”, He loves being creative and whatever he is in the mood for is what he does.

Jan spent his early childhood in Jamaica W.I. where he learned a lot. After graduating from Hunter College in New York he moved to Minnesota and began to freelance on projects, last year he co- founded 4951 Films LLC where he continues to work. Thanks for stopping by- Jan's one wish is that his work inspires you, that it makes you think, that it makes you smile.

You can connect with him and learn more about his current projects by visiting : https://4951studios.com/ or on https://www.behance.net/janmorris

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