Jellyfish - Undulate

Piece description from the artist

My wildlife photography is all shot in zoos or aquariums. My aim as a photographer is to make each photograph look as though it were taken in the wild. This photo was taken at the John G. Shedd Aquarium. I had to wait until the perfect moment where the jellyfish swam by a small part of the glass with no reflection, at the perfect exposure.

The Jellyfish series are some of my most popular photographs, as they look as though they are taken in nature.

You can see my inspiration from nature and colors, as this is a very vivid, colorful piece.

Other works by Melinda Klein

About Melinda Klein

Chicago, IL

Melinda Klein is a Chicago-based digital and film photographer, who prides herself on learning through experience. She grew up all around the country, living across the midwest and the east coast. It was living in these vastly different places, from cities, to suburbs, to rural areas, that inspired her love for such diverse areas of photography. She began taking photographs professionally when she moved to Chicago in 2007.

Melinda's biggest passion is wildlife and nature photography but most of her wildlife photography is taken in zoos and aquariums. She photographs the animals to look as though they were shot in nature in an effort to document the lives of flora and fauna that exist in a man-made habitat.

See Melinda's portfolio here

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