Jeffersonian Funk

Piece description from the artist

TJ has that passive magnetism that's difficult to resist. Soon I found myself getting my Once-Leader-Of-The-Free-World Stare on and looking right into Thomas Jefferson’s green eyes flashing out from a $2 bill. I wondered about him and wanted to learn more about him. That’s where this painting started.

Looking for a sloppy-dressing, scared of public-speaking, wine-guzzling, violin-playing Presidential Playa who hurt his violin-playing hand – permanently! – trying to impress a lady? Thomas Jefferson also didn't mention that he was a US President on his tombstone because he had "mixed feeling about politics" after his two terms. My research into Thomas Jefferson revealed some wonderful – and some reprehensible – sides that make up the complex and very human Third President of the United States.

The $2 bill is colored with different shades and tints of green, but luckily, this painting has no such limitations.

Other works by Julia Forsyth

About Julia Forsyth

Mckinney, TX

Julia Forsyth was born in Oklahoma, raised in Louisiana, and received her painting degree from Baylor University in Texas.

For the past year, her work has focused on linocut printing. By carefully overlaying the black ink of a linocut print onto the colorful maps, Julia creates associations between specific regions, places, and memories and the printed subject matter. Her work often incorporates natural imagery with bold, colorful textiles and patterns.

When she is not amassing a sizable mound of carved-out linoleum shavings as part of the linocut-making process, Julia spends time with her husband and her two children.

See Julia's portfolio here

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