Piece description from the artist

A landscape of sorts, this painting was a mostly monochromatic exercise in warm violet tones. Inspired by a painting I attempted years ago, I set out to capture the colors used in this piece as they are as much the subject of the painting as anything pictured in it. The title is a play on words meaning "free from harm", and sounding like "in violet" which would also be an apt title. The little boy being the subject who is seemingly free of harm, was inspired by a photgraph taken by my wife. The original was painted on 20 × 16 canvas using acrylic paint, and is currently available for sale

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About Patrick Kelly

Apollo, PA

Patrick Kelly lives and works in Apollo, Pennsylvania. He studied at Oakbridge Academy of Art, but he did not use his visual arts degree to make a living initially. The year 2011 brought a resurgence into painting, as Patrick devoted time and energy to produce work alongside his wife, "Aleesha":, who is a photographer.

Patrick's work is characterized by a playful, action-oriented scene of characters living out wild narratives.

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