Intelligence Square

Piece description from the artist

An iconographic historical adaptation, commenting with the use of figures and places that revolve around the conspiracy and demise of JFK. The surface is composed of various media creating a multi-layered expression. The key icons contrast fractured or reassembled foundation with clear Value drawn figures. This work explores the relationship between people and their government and the loss of patronage and origin in the contemporary world.

Other works by Giorgio Russo

About Giorgio Russo

Lafayette, LA

Giorgio Russo was born in a small town outside of Lafayette, Louisiana, into a Sicilian-American family. In 2007, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has maintained a regular art-making practice since. His work is imaginative, graphic, and iconic, often featuring collage elements and mixed media.

Today, Giorgio is a member of the "Lafayette Arts Co-op": in conjunction with the "Louisiana Districts of Art and Culture": In 2011, he was awarded the Director's Choice award in the "Infinity Art Gallery International Political and Social Art Competition":

Giorgio is an official artist of the "Off Walk Art Show": in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he currently lives and maintains his studio.

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