Indian rocks night blooming cereus

Indian Rock's Night Blooming Cereus

Piece description from the artist

Florida, with out a doubt has some of the most beautiful beings – whether plant or animal. I was able to capture several images of the Night Blooming Cereus flower last summer. There is only a short window of time when they bloom…and then they are gone. Many shots were taken at night. But some early morning. Their petals are like white feathers, their center resonates peace, as if you could walk into it. The nose knows, it doesn't want to leave. I hope this image brings you peace, harmony, balance, and tranquility.

Other works by Gillian B. Mosvold

About Gillian B. Mosvold

Tampa, FL

Multi-media artist, Gillian Mosvold received her Master's Degree in fine art in Boston, MA.

Her work is comprised of various media, including painting, drawing, photography as well as different sculptural processes. Gillian's paintings are often figurative, colorful, and gestural, exploring human communication through body language/relations. Her drawings display a free form folk-art approach with meditative aspects demonstrating the interconnectedness of all things. With the camera she captures moments of inspiration. Be sure to check out her hand-made jewelry, inspired by nature.

Gillian's work has been placed in permanent and private collections nationally.

See Gillian B.'s portfolio here

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