Incident at fire lake

Incident at Fire Lake

Piece description from the artist

An imagined scene wherein Smokey the Bear has gone rampant, eaten a tourist (her hat floats away), set fire to the woods and is enjoying a smoke. The committee on fire safety is arriving via plane to see about all this. The flaming brush has a skull on it. It's a "Brush with Death," after all. The gold "5" on the brush is an homage to a famous painting, "I saw the No. 5 in Gold."

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About Steve Frenkel

Marietta, GA

Steve FrenkeI was born and raised in Detroit, earning a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. His business career was spent in fine paper, printing and graphic design and advertising. The settings of Steve’s artwork take place in an imaginary world inspired by memories, daydreams and his curiosity about the world around us. Steve has created almost five hundred unique paintings, drawings and watercolors since 1991. Photography has also been a lifelong passion. His camera work, over five decades, exceeds ten thousand images.

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