In the shadow of the trees

In the Shadow of the Trees

Piece description from the artist

I found this single daisy tucked under a large wild cherry tree bathed in the early morning light. Using a self modified vintage lens designed to create soft swirly bokeh, I crawled on the ground until I found the right composition and light to create this photograph.

Other works by Travis Forbear

About Travis Forbear

Hart, MI

Travis Forbear is a portrait photographer by trade, but works as a fine art photographer when ever the chance arrives. Using photographs taken in and around the areas he grew up, Travis blends imagination, childlike curiosity, and the occasional use of textures to create his art.

In 2010 one of Travis' photos, a close up of a snowflake, was featured in "Popular Photography": Travis continues to live and work where only the best snowflakes can be found, in Hart, Michigan.

See Travis's portfolio here

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