In the Distance

Piece description from the artist

green and blue meet in the far distance as the earth, land, sky and atmosphere touch surround and encompass all in a living breathing globe

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About Berges Alvarez

Bellmore, NY

At the heart of Berges Alvarez's work is a profound concern and admiration for our extraordinary planet, particularly our shared "soundless landscapes" of oceans, open skies, mountains, plants and animals. Using metaphor and imagery he conveys a beautiful frailty while at the same time reminds us of the wonders we hold to protect in this astonishing world.

He creates a gripping body of work that speaks out softly of our contemporary technological environment and at the same time presents images in natural balance, remote and long ago lost, surprising splendors of mysteries only found in faraway lands. Time and again his social work reflects a natural world that allows present-day to show in subtle ways and in doing so, constructs communication between the plastic recycled modern world we've created and the delicate yet silently present, natural consciousness that exists around us.

Often abundant, dramatic with color and sometimes in silent melancholy Berges Alvarez's symbolic practicality of the use of recycled manmade materials to create these beautiful land and seascape photographs always fascinates and involves the beauty found within frayed edges and torn materials used to produce them. Materials that seem to have been forever forgotten in our modern day throwaway society.

These digital photographs on cotton canvas are a bold, warm body of work that seeks to create a dynamic exchange between our connection to the natural world and our contemporary, technologically changing times.

Salmagundi Club Artist Member 2014
East End Photographers Group Artist Member 2014
RT(T)(QM) Radiologic Technology, Academy of Health Sciences, US Army Fort Houston, TX 1986
M.D., School of Medicine, Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago, Dominican Republic 1985

2014 Bloomingdale's Furniture Gallery Roosevelt Field Mall Group Show Garden City, NY
2014 East End Photographers Group East End Images Group Show Floyd Memorial Library Greenport
2014 January "Shanghai Masquerade" Honorable Mention Award Art Competition Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery, Garden City, NY
2014 "Blue Mountain" exhibited in the 34th Annual Art Exhibit 5th and 57th Street, New York, New York
2013-November 14-17 Shanghai Art Fair 2013 presented by A Jain Gallery, Emerging International Artists Shanghai, China
2013-October A Jain Gallery, The New York Gallery Bldg. at 5th Ave and 57th St, New York, NY- Group Gallery Art Exhibit,
2013 Nassau County’s Office of Emergency Mngmt, 2013 SuperStorm Sandy Art Exhibit, Grumman Studios, Bethpage, NY
2013 South Nassau Communities Hospital, SNCH 2013 Art Showcase Exhibit, One Healthy Way, Oceanside, NY

2014 “On the Cover Artist”, Journal of the American Society of Radiologic Technology, 6 issues,
2014 “The Improved Lateral Cervical Spine”, Journal of the American Society of Radiologic Technology,
2013 The Scanner Magazine September 2013 "Gradually 2014" presented cover artist in ASRT Professional Journal 2013
2013 “Radiant Life”, Poetry Showers Section, 2013-Poetry
2012 “Owned onto Each Other”, Poetry Showers Section,, 2012-Poetry
2012 “Closely Listen”, Bella Online Literary Review, Mused Magazine, page 13, Fall 2012-Poetry
2012 “Present is a Gradual Sadness to the Day”, Chapbook of Poetry, Lulu Publications and Flutter Press 2012-Poetry
2012 “Within the Rain” Chapbook of Poetry, Prehensile Pencil Publications and Feral Press 2012-Poetry
2011 “Dreaming of the Dark Night Sky” Long Island, Magazine Fashion Feature-Poetry
2011 South Bay Poetry Section, Great South Bay, several poems published monthly-Poetry

American Society of Radiologic Technology 6 artworks, 2014 Digital Photographic Cover Art
Individual Private Collections

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