In the distance 2

In the Distance

Piece description from the artist

The cottage was in the distance, and I could imagine a simplified life, where the main focus could be just the sand and sea and all that surrounds it.

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About Lisa H. Ridabock

Amesbury, MA

My paintings are created with oils on canvas and are inspired by relationships I often find ambiguous in nature. Although, my content is influenced by the affinity I have for my surroundings, it is my search to find what is most essential, that motivates me to paint. My technique incorporates fine glazing and scumbling, with an emphasis on subtle hue and value transitions to create luminous color.

I was introduced to painting while having my portrait painted as a child in Connecticut. I was fascinated by this experience and began taking painting lessons from this talented artist. I later earned a BFA degree in painting from the University of New Hampshire and went on to work professionally as a colorist and trend stylist for the home furnishings and fashion industries. I have loved working in the multi-dimensional world of art and design and in more recent years have worked as a Director of several fine art galleries in the Boston area. I have been honored with awards for my work and exhibit in galleries throughout New England.

The challenges that painting present to me renew my spirit every day. The process sustains me, while giving me hope that it might engage, enrich or contribute in some way, to nourish the soul.

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