In Flight We Stand

Piece description from the artist

This is a whimsical – black and white -butterfly effect type piece.

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About Karen Reid

Ocoee, FL

Karen Reid is an artist known as K.Marie. She is originally from London, England and has been living in the United States for over twenty years. She now resides in Florida with her two daughters.

Karen grew up in a historical environment exposed to a fusion of all kinds of art forms like music, dance, sculptures, and paintings. Using her gift, she took part in dance, singing, and poetry, but the only thing she did not partake in was painting and drawing. She appreciated it but she never believed that it was an ability she had.

Fast-forward just last year May 2021 her friend – artist Shante Brooks gave her art materials and encouraged her to paint. Facing her fears, she painted and grew more comfortable as time went on and was able to turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

Karen has stated that she is inspired by every aspect of her life – her paintings are a true and full expression of her in art form.
Just this year she was invited to be featured as one of the artists at Crossroads Talent Florida and Art Walk Orlando art shows. Also, she was recently featured in the online magazine Orlando Voyager article called the Rising Stars.
In just this year alone -she has added over a 100 paintings to her art collection. She loves to paint daily and she calls it her 'Therapy Session.'

Her aspirations and desires is to make the world a more beautiful place with every brush stroke!

One of her favorite quotes:
"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before." – Neil Garman

See Karen's portfolio here

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