Piece description from the artist

This dreamy abstract lets you wander into another world – not quite real but familiar. Acrylic with acrylic inks and watercolor.

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About Marilyn Woods

Portland, OR

Marilyn Woods has always loved creating, starting from a very young age. Formerly a computer programmer for medium-sized tech companies, Marilyn has now made a career for herself as a potter. Now Marilyn has fallen in love with painting, specifically with acrylics and other water-based mediums.

Marilyn loves the unique approach, sense of expression and limitlessness that comes with working in the abstract. Due to her background in ceramics, she has carried over her love for texture, asymmetrical forms, color nuances, and nuances of motion.

When she starts a new painting, she has no idea where it will take her. She lets her intuition fly and enjoys the ride. She lies to surprise herself.

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