Ikra chalis

IKRA Chalis

Piece description from the artist

This is one of my favorite racing boats. My friend owns and sails this boat. I met Klass at the America's Cup and from there we have been friends ever since. I love this boat because of the classic beauty and designs. The imagery represents teamwork, goals, achievement, and success. The water represents the challenges we all face. Persistence, perseverance, and resolve cuts through the waves. Endurance prevails to the finish line. The crew is steadfast. This image and painting are my ideal for the relationships found and forged in teamwork.

Other works by Katherine Green

About Katherine Green

Bellevue, WA

Katherine Green was born in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and studied fine art at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She resides, and her studio is in the Pacific Northwest. A classically trained fine artist and watercolor and oil painter, she travels the world to find her inspiration. You can read about her journey at www.WhereintheWorldisKate.com. Her work is sold through TurningArt and her private agent. To learn more about her, please visit www.KatherineGreenArt.com.

Katherine's process involves developing a concept from her photographs. She focuses on pastoral landscapes, nautical scenes, and culture. Katherine's goal is to capture an experience, the feeling of freedom at a place, or moment in time.

Katherine's paintings and photographs have been sold widely to corporate America, banks, hospitals, and private patrons. She is a signature member of the "Northwest Watercolor Society":http://www.nwws.org, and she has been selected twice for "PONCHO's prestigious invitational collection.

Katherine currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.
Her Facebook account is www/Facebook.com/WhereisKateBlog
More of her photos can be seen on Instagram, at www.instagram.com/WhereintheWorldisKate_

See Katherine's portfolio here

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