Piece description from the artist

"If" is a 3 dimensional painting inspired by a black and white photo of the two men playing catch in the barnyard. The photo made me think "if circumstances were different, would they be walking the path set for them by being born on the family farm?"

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About Susan Kennicott

Solon, IA

Yin-yang forces can be experienced in Susan Kennicott and her art. Kennicotts exciting, vibrant florals balances out the realism found in her portraits of animals and people. Growing up on a midwest farm and relocating to contemporary cities such as Houston and Nashville has had much influence in the subjects of her paintings. Unable to escape the strong roots of the farm and love of nature, Kennicott paints her adored wildlife and animals but when she wants to let her hair down and take a walk on the wild side she uses her artistic license to paint the bright, vivid florals which balances her.
Kennicott divides her time between her family farm in Illinois, Iowa and Melbourne, Fl.

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