I know aquarius

I Know (Aquarius)

Piece description from the artist

In this series, I wanted to create a representation of the zodiac signs by taking the commonplace symbol for each sign and playing with abstraction so that it could also stand on its own.
Each zodiac sign has its own key phrase, lending the title to each piece.

Other works by Laure Dennery

About Laure Dennery

South Hadley, MA

Laure Dennery is a French American artist who was born in New York City and spent her adolescence in Paris, France. She came back to the States to go to Skidmore College, where she received a B.S. in Art. It was at college that Laure discovered oil painting and found it to be the perfect medium through which she can express and convey her ideas about shapes, forms and life. She often draws inspiration from animals trying to capture their purity of emotion and action.

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