I can be Dramatic

Piece description from the artist

In "I Can Be Dramatic," I delve into the raw essence of artistic expression, unapologetically embracing the chaos and beauty of the creative process. Working on raw, unprimed canvas is akin to laying bare the soul, allowing for an uninhibited exploration of texture, form, and emotion.

Other works by Samuel Perry

About Samuel Perry

San Diego Ca, CA

As a lifelong artist, Samuel Perry is always looking for the next opportunity to translate their everyday experiences into artistic expressions. Since 2014, they have joined the San Diego art community and are gaining increasing acclaim.

Their approach and output are constantly evolving as they hone their personal style. However, currently focusing on abstract, they work hard to ensure they do not repeat themselves. No matter what, Samuel approaches each work with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.

Their passion for connecting personal history and significance through visual artwork drives their love to create and share on canvas. Samuel's work has been included in juried exhibitions in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles county, and is included in personal collections around the nation.

Requiring frequent doses of sunshine, Samuel lives and is based in Southern California – living with his partner and two dogs: Oliver and Bleu.

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