Home in brooklyn

Home in Brooklyn

Piece description from the artist

Home in Brooklyn on a day with sun.
Brooklyn has been experiencing a building boom. As the demand for housing in NYC continues to rise, this means new projects are in the works. But plans for high-rise residential buildings in Brooklyn have been subject to contention by some groups who insist that Brooklyn must maintain its human scale.

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About Nicole Cecere

Boston, MA

Consumed by wanderlust, Nicole travels with camera in hand aiming the lens at both the epic beauty—and the smaller oddities—of our everyday lives. From sweeping landscapes of the American Southwest to an old Italian gentlemen serenading his friends via waterbus, Cecere chronicles life as it unfolds in front of us. In Brooklyn, Cecere (aka Nicole Ahern) works with her husband Thomas Ahern as a freelance location scout for commercials and movies, conveniently bringing her to places and moments ready for capture.

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