High Vibration

Piece description from the artist

Part of the portal series. "High Vibration" represents when one is in-tune to their higher power and is committed to maintaining a focused state of mind. A portal of awakening. Through the portal series I create graphic, geometric gateways to inspire a shift in consciousness. When you experience my portal, I want it to act as a reminder to take a deep breath, enter the “portal,” and tune into your higher self where you can access higher vibrational energies and expanded awareness.

Other works by Manoela Madera

About Manoela Madera

Charlotte, NC

Manoela Madera was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She earned her B.F.A from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Manoela uses bold shapes and energizing color to create vibrant visual experiences. Her pieces represent gateways to transport the viewer beyond the every day. Manoela currently lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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