Hibiscus on a Whim - On Fire

Piece description from the artist

I began painting in summer when flowers were in full bloom – they have been and will always be a source of creative inspiration for me. The flowers featured here are a collection of paintings inspired by my garden, the tulips a dear friend photographed in Holland and flowers from the gardens of my family. When I paint a flower, I want to bring it to life on the canvas with color, line and emotion!

Other works by Angelina D'arcy

About Angelina D'arcy

Redondo Beach, CA

Angelina D'Arcy was born left-handed but taught to write with her right hand. Now as a painter, she uses both; most of her paintings are ambidextrous pieces.

Angelina spent part of her childhood in the Australian Outback. The vibrant color and rich contrast that typify this landscape are reflected in her work along with the liveliness of Australian culture. She is particularly drawn to flowers for their vivid colors and intricate design. She also creates non-objective pieces, primarily for the expression of the medium, textures and expressed emotion. Angelina is influenced by artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Henry Matisse, Ken Done, and Gustav Klimt.

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