Hennepin canal train trestle

Hennepin Canal Train Trestle

Piece description from the artist

For just over one million miles and eight years as a Professional Truck Driver and Fine Art Photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to visit most of North America. The Hennepin Canal is for me one of my special places. Thinking of The Hennepin Canal, I think of a place of sanctuary. The Hennepin is a way point, for me while traversing across North America. Hennepin signifies an entrance into a predominately urban east from the predominantly rural west.

Hennepin is a last respite before transitioning from one mindset into another. When traveling east it’s a “last” best place to hike, bike, or run, before entering the hustle and bustle of the east coast. Returning west The Hennepin Canal symbolizes the first opportunity for me to catch my breath and begin to let my guard down.

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About Byron Dudley

Eugene, OR

Byron Dudley was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1964, and grew up both in the suburbs of N.J. and in the Bed Stuy section of Brooklyn N.Y. He moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1984 to run track and cross country at the University of Oregon.

In 1995, Byron began life as a long haul truck driver. He did so to de-shelf, reorganize, and reinvent his life, and to find some solitude and time to reflect. He never imagined he would drive over a million miles and in doing so rediscover himself and his first passion: producing works of art.

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