Piece description from the artist

I did this watercolor with a prelude to the whole piece using BLACK GESSO. It's messy stuff, and I spent an hour cleaning
the kitchen. But it has its interests and charms, one of which is that, when dry, I can paint over it, using
color with a lot of body…ie: Not too Transparent, as are most water colors. The actual figure of the tortured Heathcliff
was inspired by the wood engravings of Fritz Eichenberg, illustrator of many Classics of Literature, including Wuthering Heights.

Other works by Richard Green

About Richard Green

Eden Prairie, MN

Richard Green holds a Bachelor's degree in music and art history from the University of Minnesota, and a commercial art certificate from The Hennepin County Technical College. The 35mm camera he received for his seventh birthday was probably the catalyst which would eventually lead to a career in art direction and graphic design. He is a self-taught watercolor artist and oftentimes combines a variety of mediums, including a computer to achieve the effects he desires.

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