Hazy Grainy Daze

Piece description from the artist

created when needing to make more studio time…because when in it, in the zone…in a hazy grainy dazey kinda zone, thats when it all just flows…

Other works by Michelle Lubin

About Michelle Lubin

Imperial Beach, CA

Michelle Lubin (MDFerrera Fine Art) is a Southern California based figurative artist, writer, mural painter, and advocate for mental health and accessible art, actively volunteering with her local Arts Bureau and elementary schools to provide creative outlets and resources. From her garage studio, Lubin finds healing in her processes; whether drawing representative self or custom portraits on wood panels, preparing for a mural or community event, her creations are process-driven. Lubin’s fine art series’ are heavily inspired and validated by music and the artists’ personal experiences; positive, negative and everything in between. Lubin’s success is attributed to her ability to evoke empathy through the use of simple materials and a monochromatic style that captures heightened expressions and gestures. While awards and accolades have elevated her exposure and sales since pursuing art full-time in 2010, it continues to be her efforts participating in community art projects and outreach that fulfill the artists’ mission and passion.

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