Harmonic vibration three

Harmonic Vibration Three

Piece description from the artist

I paint intuitively.
This means I listen to my inner voice both when I draw the Harmonic Vibration pattern and when I choose the colors. After choosing the magenta for the left half of the diamond in Harmonic Vibration Three I was stumped as to what color to paint the half-circle lying next to it. When peachy orange was the answer I heard, I was more than hesitant. I was sure the two colors would clash. After a great deal of inward resistance – (Read NO WAY) – I gave in. Only to find that the slight disharmony between the colors made the whole painting come alive.

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About Debra Wuliger

Durham, NC

Debra Wuliger, a Durham, North Carolina based artist, paints abstract, hard edge interlocking geometric patterns on canvas. Debra has been honing her hard-edge painting skills for the last several years. Originally a figurative painter, patterns began to appear into her figurative work. Fascinated, Debra started exploring basic Quantum Physics concepts and found the idea of the Vector Equilibrium: the starting point for all happenings and nonhappenings.

Her paintings are depictions of the always present, always changing invisible patterns of sound and light vibrations, the building blocks of all creation, that originate from the Vector Equilibrium. Debra intuits these vibrations as she draws from her center, down her arm, to her hand and through the charcoal to the canvas. She interprets these vibrations into harmonious, rhythmic shapes as a charcoal line drawing. Here the shapes begin to vibrate in relationship to each other and this vibration intensifies as color is added.

This is a quiet, reflective process where Debra listens and observes the undivided whole in flowing movement. She paints love, joy and peace.

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