Happy party in the sky

Happy Party in the Sky

Piece description from the artist

The World Travelers
Bicycles, like all forms of transportation, represent a type of freedom. When we bring this symbol into a work of art, we are met at the intersection of our personal histories and the vast possibilities of the journeys that lay before us.

The ladders around my paintings work in a similar way, and they act like “crutches” for the bicycles. They appeared in my artwork before the bicycles. A ladder is a symbol of ascension and reaching out. They lead to other platforms and perspectives.

While not entirely abstract, my bicycles travel through paintings that contain a sense of musical exuberance, in fields of colors that converse across an imagined landscape. By air, by sea, by land; these bicycles are not confined to the laws of physics, but instead exist in their magical world.

I always quote my father, when first teaching me to ride a bike, in telling the story of these works: “His words were, ‘If you keep looking forward and remain undistracted, you will not lose your balance and fall. But if you do fall, brush yourself off and start cycling again.” This determination to keep moving forward, to explore continually, is evident in my work. Furthermore, the openness of the territory expresses the freedom and enormous possibility that comes when we study the world on a bicycle.
Elsa Victorios

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About Elsa Victorios

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Based in South Florida, Elsa Victorios began her career in her native Colombia about 30 years ago. She studied at the National University and was a member of David Manzur's artists workshop. Later in her career, she represented Colombia at the Tokyo and Paris Biennials of 1984. After moving to United States in the late eighties, she worked as a freelance artist for decorators and managed her own art business. She currently teaches art privately, and her artwork is exhibited in galleries in the United States and Europe.

Her current work mixes abstract and figurative art techniques to depict individual struggles for well-being. She focuses on forms, symbolism, textures, and colors in order to create a language that allows her to communicate with the public. She mostly works with oil and acrylic on canvas.

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