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Piece description from the artist

In reviewing Victorios’s work for this writing, I found two distinct groups of paintings which I define as City Dreamscapes and Untamed Landscapes. Each group has two main subjects which are bicycles and ladders. Victorios has recently introduced a third subject; her hot air balloons will be discussed later. The bicycles are metaphors for her own life’s journey and they are also her metaphor for each one of us as we ourselves journey forward on similar yet individual paths. As anyone who has ridden a bicycle knows, skill and balance are required to move forward. Courage is a prerequisite.

We use ladders to reach high places. Victorios includes ladders in her paintings to symbolize an assistance or support to the individual. They allow for travel upward, bridge horizontal gaps and at times offer protection by serving as a railing or fence. Most of all, ladders enable her travelers to move to a higher level. In the act of viewing and considering her paintings, we follow Victorios on her life’s journey and reflect upon our own. Her optimism is clearly visible in her ladders, which are present in every painting and available to assist any brave-hearted traveler.

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About Elsa Victorios

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Based in South Florida, Elsa Victorios began her career in her native Colombia about 30 years ago. She studied at the National University and was a member of David Manzur's artists workshop. Later in her career, she represented Colombia at the Tokyo and Paris Biennials of 1984. After moving to United States in the late eighties, she worked as a freelance artist for decorators and managed her own art business. She currently teaches art privately, and her artwork is exhibited in galleries in the United States and Europe.

Her current work mixes abstract and figurative art techniques to depict individual struggles for well-being. She focuses on forms, symbolism, textures, and colors in order to create a language that allows her to communicate with the public. She mostly works with oil and acrylic on canvas.

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