Gumball nebula

Gumball Nebula

Piece description from the artist

Part of “Shapeshifters”, this series evolved from doodles and sketches and took on a life of its own. The concept behind the piece is combining and morphing shapes to move the eye around the piece and have the viewer get lost in the details and interpret the lines as they please. Overall it’s about fluidity, spontaneity, improvising and combing color, line and form to create something unique; something you can look at over and over and find something different hidden within the piece each time. This one focuses on the inverse colors, using white as the primary color for the line work, with a deep black/blue and hints of reds flowing in the background.

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About Enrico Morales

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Enrico Morales' work is a driving force in his life, a voice to express the creativity running through him. He feels that there is no right or wrong way to create art, nor is there a certain way to perceive a piece. He embraces this freedom when he works. Enrico likes to create a visual journey of sorts, full of life, symbolism, vivid color schemes, and imagery, which can span as many genres or themes as there are layers or mediums.

Enrico likes to give certain visual cues to viewers, providing a platform to create their own narrative as their eyes scan across the canvas. The ambiguity and esoteric nature of his work, mixing collage, mixed media and found materials, gives the viewer an opportunity to catch something new with each glance. Enrico feels that a painting is successful when no exact interpretation exists and therefore there is a continuous allure for the viewer to try to decipher each level of the piece.

Enrico puts a lot of himself into his artwork. As much as he likes to plan ahead of time what elements or colors or imagery he’ll be using, the majority of his process is improvised and continues to flow freely until he feels the end product is just right. His paintings are like a snapshot of his thoughts, meant to capture the random and unrestricted nature of thinking. He loves seeing how people interpret his work, and it motivates him when some of the most subtle touches of a piece are noticed and appreciated in the grand scheme.

Morales is affiliated with AIGA South Florida, Creative Pros, DreamDesigners, and the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association.

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