Piece description from the artist

The old Pabst beer brewery in East Los Angeles was converted into an artist colony several years ago. Each of the many buildings at the large plant have been sectioned off into individual art studios where the artists both work and live. Twice a year (spring and fall), the complex is open to the public when the artists show their work in their studios (homes).

This piece was shot near one of the main buildings where an old piece of machinery sits outside acquiring a beautiful patina.

Other works by Kevin Bergen

About Kevin Bergen

Torrance, CA

Kevin began photographing artistic images in high school when his parents bought him his first SLR camera for a summer photography class. Through the years, he has used his eye for composition on vacations and special occasions, but when digital photography came into vogue, Kevin began creating art in earnest.

Self taught, Kevin maintains that if he had to depend on his artistic endeavors for a living, it simply would not be fun any more. He creates art simply to be enjoyed by others and cringes at the thought of shooting an "assignment."

When he's not taking photos Kevin is a therapist who works with couples, patients with anxiety, OCD and sex addiction.

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