Piece description from the artist

A sleepy day in Portland's east side on-looking up into the hills.

Other works by Erika Lee Sears

About Erika Lee Sears

Portland, OR

Erika Lee Sears is an oil painter from Portland, OR who specializes in contemporary landscapes. As a self-taught artist who has painted for all her life, Erika recently retired from her profession in the banking industry to pursue her artistic endeavors full-time. Her modern landscape work has been known to vary dramatically in style, though can often be recognized through her abundant utilization of pointillism.

Erika has a passion for capturing nature and elements from the local community. Her work often reflects rural, Oregon country-sides and unique urban perspectives. She believes in approaching artwork like telling an elaborate story, in that having an imaginative perspective on what she perceives breathes life into even the tiniest elements.

While not painting, Erika gathers her inspiration from her travels, her family and her two precocious pugs.

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