Goshen spring

Goshen Spring

Piece description from the artist

The Goshen series was inspired by several visits to the Louisville, Kentucky area where I have observed the equestrian and barn culture and took in the red barns, lilies, bourbon, and barbecue.

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About Liz Iracki

Los Angeles, CA

Liz Iracki is an American artist, currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in art history and the University of Denver with an M.S. in nonprofit leadership. Her career path spans the industries of fine art, technology, finance, and higher education. Prior experience as a corporate art consultant helped her to find her own artistic voice, embrace experimentation, and to be an effective communicator with clients, especially in commission situations.

The language in Liz's art is one of subtle suggestions, interplays of color and shape, and layers of translucency. The resemblances to organic forms, architecture, figures, and landscape are intentional as well as unconscious. The artist meditates on place, how one location can have embedded meanings in the minds of its visitor and how that illuminates perception, in the moment and in memory. She considers her art to be a form of time-lapse landscape, revealing her own experiences with chosen locations and deeper research into their histories.

"My work attempts to convey plurality of person and place, mingling perceived with metaphysical, fixed with the transcendent. I am intrigued to consider that the physical landscapes, the buildings, the infrastructures, and the boundaries that we encounter each day have complex histories, memories embedded in them that we will never know. Our human static experiences, on any given day and in any given place, become interpretations guided by our states of mind. These, cumulatively, shape our lives. My figurative abstract pieces are my own memories and intuitions conveyed on surface and are intended to elicit feelings of familiarity within their viewers."

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