Golden wave

Golden Wave

Piece description from the artist

Capturing the sun's golden rays within the curl of the wave is a magnificent sight. This piece of art brings sunshine and bliss into your environment. The details are so intricate and real, you can feel the spray of salt air. Immerse yourself in goodness and light with
"The Golden Wave".

Other works by Brad Styron

About Brad Styron

Morehead City, NC

Brad's passion for art started as a child and continues to grow. From painting surfboards, to commercial signage design, to now owning his own gallery with an established and growing following, his beautiful photography and artwork is in demand. Brad's artwork captures vivid sunsets, landscapes, oceanscapes, wave images and light which draws you in.

Brad Styron's work has been published in numerous magazines and websites world-wide, and it adorns many many walls throughout the country. He continually searches and tries to capture the perfect wave and sunset!

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