Glance of Summer

Piece description from the artist

This is "summer" in a season-themed series of cats in different poses of observation. It is part of a larger show titled "Bird Watching." In this piece, Emily expresses the beauty of the this creature alonside the darker side of its nature.

Other works by Emily Chesley

About Emily Chesley

Minneapolis , MN

Emily Chesley studied art and theatre at Waldorf College, in Forest City, Iowa, while also playing trumpet for the wind symphony and Jazz band. During this time, she became fascinated with an interdisciplinary mode of study, developing an interest in the patterns of movement in these art forms.

Emily believes that art, regardless of the medium, is a human response to our condition and the bulk of her work is an exploration of human nature through portraiture (even though she has mostly posted cat paintings here.) Her goal is to reveal the human condition and expose the struggles that should bring us all together. Emily looks at themes of depression and hope, darkness and light, as well as the tides that occur in every life. There is rhythm and melody, seasons and cycles, things to be celebrated and things to be grieved. Art can be for everyday life, something that brings happiness or hope. Ultimately, Emily attempts to highlight the beautiful in everyday life.

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