Girl with the heart tattoo

Girl with the Heart Tattoo

Piece description from the artist

Partly inspired by modern graphic arts, this piece contrasts a loud geometrically basic background with more subtle complimentary figure colors. The figure is separated from the canvas by a thick black outline, that further accentuates that contrast and pops her off of the canvas. A sense of movement is very important to the piece, making the figure appear frozen in mid-motion. One can almost imagine her swaying as she lifts or pulls down her shirt; the ambiguity of her intentions is purposeful, and blurs the line of eroticism in the painting.

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About John Contrado

Hull, MA

Growing up as the son of an artist, John Contrado spent his entire life surrounded by beauty and creativity. His father's passion and love of art is what inspired John to start creating art of his own.

Spray paint and stencils became a natural fit for John because he is constantly tweaking and fine tuning during the art-making process. When he is designing and cutting stencils, for instance, he can make all the adjustments he wants before the paint ever touches the canvas. John considers this process of stenciling to be ninety percent preparation, and ten percent presentation; if it looks easy or effortless to the casual observer, John feels that he has been successful.

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