Piece description from the artist

This was made during quarantine. Lately, my access to many locations has been limited. Thankfully, I live close to a really beautiful park, and one of my ways to unwind is to walk over to the lake and watch the wind stir the water. Around sunset, the gold of the setting sun glistens among the ripples in the water, and I've been capturing it on camera.

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About Deshaun Craddock

Brooklyn, NY

DeShaun Craddock is a self-taught photographer hailing from Brooklyn, New York. A native New Yorker, he is drawn to urban scenes that capture the energy of a bustling city, but still have the serenity of more traditional landscapes. DeShaun has spent a great deal of time refining and expanding the reach of his art, shooting both film and digital photography, and embarking on conceptual projects. He draws his inspiration from his surroundings and observations, and uses photography to create a point of view for others to share.

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