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Geometric Compositional Series III

Geometric Compositional Series III

Piece description from the artist

This piece is the third work in my latest "Geometric Compositional Series." This series is result of over fifteen years of study and personal process work on Geometric Compositional Abstraction. It is highly inspired, but very much in my own delivery, by the works from the father of Geometric Abstraction, Russian born painter Wassily Kandinsky.

All "GCS" works are mixed media, and use both oil & acrylic pigmentations along with a variety paint altering mediums to achieve the desired effects.

These paintings convey and element of space and time, and with that, the connection of all things in our vast universe. As different or apparently removed components of our universe may appear to be, there is, and will always be, an undeniable creative connection to all things. These underlying thoughts and moreover deep personal feelings are designed and built into each "GCS" work.