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Genesis 3

Genesis 3

Piece description from the artist

Definition of Genesis: noun | the origin or mode of formation of something.

As things progress in a genesis, they change. How quickly or rather, how slowly? Do some things transform more quickly than others? And exactly how does the genesis occur? What gets revised or changed? In what order and why? At what point is the organism aware of its own existence? Or do some organisms ever become aware? Is it strictly something only humans have? Self-awareness? At what point did humans or in the human creation did we become self-aware? At what point in our creation (conception to birth) do we become aware? That is the question for he ages. Even scientists can’t answer this one. We may never know. Now I’m bordering on spiritual. I believe God knows exactly that answer and has made His creation beautiful and perfect. No mistakes. What we humans perceive as mistakes are not. Each person is created for a reason and in that there is perfection. I wish we could all come with blueprints. Some realize their potential and some never do. For some, it’s a lifelong search. Some never try. It must hurt our Creator’s heart when one of these creations doesn’t look for the deeper meaning in their own creation. As for me, it will be a lifelong search.

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8.5" x 11.0"
Alcohol Ink

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