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Genesis 2

Genesis 2

Piece description from the artist

Definition of Genesis: noun | the origin or mode of formation of something.

When something is beginning. When it is created. Will it be duplicated, or will there be subtle changes? I believe there will always be subtle differences. My belief is that even if something is cloned to be identical to the original there are bound to be slight differences. I believe this because at the moment of creation, the air flow might be different, the temperature can be off by 0.0001-degree, atmospheric differences … and on and on. The possibilities are endless. If we’re talking about something living, then the possibilities for slight differences are inevitable. No two living things are exactly alike. It’s not possible. The fact that one thing cannot be in the exact same place as another thing is evidence for me. Two things created at exactly the same time must have subtle differences. If something is initially created and then the next is created and so on … there are bound to be differences with each iteration. Is this evolution? Is this intelligent design? Is it both? Hmmm… stay tuned.

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8.5" x 11.0"
Alcohol Ink

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