Piece description from the artist

Garnet, is from my series, Dripping Stones, which is a personal digital art series that I created. The pieces stem from my own imagination, an abstraction based off our birthstones and a ‘splash’ of my own frustrations when creating this. I’m slowly finding my own style over the years and that’s in geodesic art, but more on the abstract style. I’ve done a few digital art pieces in the past, but this is my first digital art series that I’ve created and I’m very excited to show it virally.

Other works by Adam Velasquez

About Adam Velasquez

Chicago, IL

Adam Ace Velasquez was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He currently works as a freelance graphic designer, fine artist, blogger, and web designer, but considers himself an artist above all else.

Adam started practicing his artistic endeavors at an early age and he is always very focused on being visually alert. Though much of his work is digital, Adam loves to draw, particularly with graphite. Although the possibilities with digital artwork are endless, there is something more truthful when holding a pencil to a piece a paper and seeing where his mind takes him. Adam enjoys drawing because it can often be full of beautiful mistakes and imperfect perfections.

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