Garden Pool HE

Piece description from the artist

A small garden pool at summer's end – filled with life. A layered colored drawing for contemplative viewing.
I work and draw in a direct manner, and match my artwork to a combined vision of memory, reality and dreams.
Usually, I start making a series of drawings of the same subject and then select and combine them to make a finished piece of art. I think of each of these drawings as a single pass at seeing the subject, and combined, as a perception of that subject.
These images do not deny the value of representational means, but give weight to all the perceptions in an attempt to reach a closer approximation to the experience of seeing. They are intended to be contemplated, and follow in the tradition of the earliest art – to see the world and its patterns, and to reconcile our inner and outer selves.

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About Doug Baird

Lansing, NY

Doug Baird is an artist, writer, and poet living in rural Tompkins County, NY.
His wide work experience has led him from the warehouse to corporate finance and product development, and to a variety of industrial and commercial art jobs.
Doug is project leader for the Idea Enhancement Project, a Fiscally Sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts, exploring the use of visual imagery as a practical tool for increasing innovative and creative thinking.
Published in 2019: Family Farm Fun: A Satirical Activity & Game Book about the Hazards of Industrial Farming; promotes rural social justice through the use of humor and satire.
Cornithaca County (2020) takes a wider view of the destruction of human worth through 300 color pages of games, mazes, riddles, poems, sing-a-longs, essay, posters and activities.
Tompkins County and Tammany Hall [I can’t seem to find any difference at all] (2022) – is an all-text book documenting more than 10 years of rural issues and involvement; presenting a circumstantial case for widespread misconduct.
He is the author of two poetry collections: As a Poet, I have a Confession and Please Take Care when You Utter a Curse, and a picture book: You Know You Live near a Factory Farm When Your Kids Go Fishing with a Pool Skimmer, and an upcoming poetry book [Shortening].
Representative artworks can be viewed at
With the completion of All Roads Lead to Cornithaca; Doug will return to work on the Idea Enhancement Project, pencils drawings, and printmaking.

See Doug's portfolio here

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