Furnace of being

Furnace of Being

Piece description from the artist

Deep in the Heavens, or the hells, burns a furnace as hotter than the sun. All material was birthed here. But not spirit. Spirit floated free apart from the furnace. It was intrigues and flew a little too close. As the furnace expelled being, a little got on spirit and some of spirit’s effervescence was encapsulated in this sticky, nasty stuff called matter, Being was born. And Non-being laughed.

Other works by Daav Corbet

About Daav Corbet

Stoughton, WI

Daav Corbet finds that he is a spiritual being and that, in exploring the inexpressible, images and symbols provide more clarity than words. His artwork derives from the spiritual life and from the world of nature.

Many of his works are landscapes or abstractions thereof. Nature grounds his art in reality; the beauty of its myriad forms -flora and fauna, sky meeting horizon, clouds touching sun – are all his muse.

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