Furious love

Furious Love

Piece description from the artist

Fu-ri-ous: violent passion, intense as wind, fierceness, unrestrained energy

Love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another, a warm personal attachment, desire, to take great pleasure in, to embrace

Most often, the word furious is interpreted as negative but I have come to realize that there is an incredible positive to it. Unfortunately, Love is quite often interpreted for less than it really is. In today’s world it seems to lack depth.

In my journey to discover a Deeper, More Significant Love, I did. I encountered the incredible love of God. I wanted everyone to know about it but words escaped me on expressing the whirlwind I felt inside. It was a love beyond any that a human could bestow. One day, while visiting Bethel Church in Redding, CA. I heard Jeremy Riddle sing “FURIOUS” and got so excited as His music described all the emotions and thoughts, I had been having. What better way to describe God’s Love than FURIOUS LOVE! His Love is indeed a Violent, Passionate, Whirlwind of a Love that overtakes us with fierceness. It is unrestrained. It embraces who we are and loves us to the greatest depths like no man could ever do.

This painting has been growing for almost two years in my heart. I was recently challenged by the Holy Spirit to define this Furious Love through my art. He definitely changed my direction several times during the process of creating. One fun thing that happened was that there were many hearts that “appeared” as the paint flowed that I did not intentionally place there.

This piece was a breakthrough in creativity for me. Though still full of texture as I normally do, there is more of an abstract design. There is definitely more layers of paint than I typically use. These demonstrate the many layers of God’s incredible Love. Hidden underneath the rainbow of colors, which are symbolic of our Father’s Promises and His Passion, hides the word SOZO. Sozo is the Greek word for “saved, healed, delivered.” God’s Supernatural, Furious Love does all of that.

There are hints of three golden angels made with a hand carved stamp carved by a friend’s grandfather living in Italy. This is significant in meaning, to communicate that Angels are being commissioned from the throne room to minister this Love from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Using the stamp is significant to show that God’s Love encompasses the world and all generations. The texture material that I usually remove from my paintings is left there to symbolize the messes that our hearts and lives usually hold. There are no tangles or messes too great for His Furious Love.

The metallic paints used in the painting portray the incredible wildness, sweetness, deepness, fierceness and glory of this incredible Love. Last, but not least, the words of Jeremy’s “Furious” are thrown throughout the painting to remind the viewer that there is a love that awakens hearts to Life.

Other works by Melissa Carter

About Melissa Carter

Panama City, FL

Melissa Carter has always been a creative.

Her family signed her up for some watercolor classes and she was hooked. Her art has evolved since then to include bright colors and textures using other mediums. She recently discovered alcohol inks and has been playing with them. Melissa is always exploring as she paints to create movement with her medium. She is also the mother to 15 kids, 14 who have been adopted internationally. She feels her paintings are very spiritual in nature and hopes that they speak of the hope that is available to those who see them.

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