Fragrant pavilion yu xiang zhu xiao ting yu xiang

Fragrant Pavilion (余香贮小亭 - Yu Xiang Zhu Xiao Ting)

Tao Zhu By Tao Zhu

Piece description from the artist

Fragrant Pavilion (余香贮小亭 – Yu Xiang Zhu Xiao Ting) is a traditional still-life painting painted by the Chinese painter Zhu Tao with precise brush painting techniques. Chinese paintings in the traditional style is known as 国画 (Guo Hua). Traditional paintings are characterized by its meticulous brush techniques and their focus on even the most minuscule details. Each brushstroke is done with high precision in order to exhibit these details. In this painting, Zhu Tao illustrates the intimate connection between man and nature.

About Tao Zhu

Qing Yuan, China

Born in 1971 in Guangzhou, China, Zhu Tao is a free form ink and watercolor painter in China. Zhu Tao’s work has been exhibited in countless invite-only exhibitions hosted all across China. His paintings are mainly focused on still-life (花草树 – hua cao shu) and landscape (山水画 – shan shui hua).

First ever Guangzhou watercolor artist invite exhibition
21st century China contemporary artist invite exhibition
2005 “Inheritance and Integration” Chinese contemporary artist invite exhibition
2006 “Inheritance and Integration” Chinese contemporary artist invite exhibition
Chinese painting master nomination exhibition (Beijing)
2006 Guangzhou artist festival exhibition
2006 Guangdong artist festival exhibition
13th Contemporary still-life and birds invite exhibition
2007 The Seven Sages, Chinese Ink Painting Touring Exhibition
2007 Masters of Fine Art National Exhibition
2008 Guangdong Charity Art Creation Competition (Silver Award)
2007-2008 Nanjing Yangmotang "Seven Sages of Ink Painting" National Tour Exhibition
2010 Sui Chan Zhao City Arts and Crafts Exhibition (Silver Award)
2014 "the Past and the Present" Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Painting Masters—Beijing Yanhuang Art Museum, Changzhou Liu Haisu Art Museum
2014 Shengdu Masters' Exhibition (Xi'an Shengdu Art Museum, Guangzhou Dayuan Art Museum).
2015 Ink and Heart Chinese Painting Exhibition (Shenzhen Image Art Museum)
2016 Painting and Painting-Laowu, Zhu Tao Chinese Painting Joint Exhibition (Guangzhou Dayuan Art Museum).

Personal Exhibition:
“Time is Quiet and Good” – Canadian Pine and Cypress Gallery (2003)
Autumn and Breeze-Guangzhou Yuge Evening Gallery (2006)
Jiamu Qingyin——Guangzhou Yuexiu District Library (2007)
Su Yue Liu Xia——Hangzhou Fengya Art Company (2010)
Quiet Clouds and Flowers – Zhuhai Daxiangshan Art Museum (2011)
Fangzhou Qihua-China Duanyan Exhibition Hall (2011)
Burning Kiln and Making Ink- Guangzhou Yuge Evening Sing Gallery (2011)
Wonderful Color and Fragrance – Zhuhai Daxiangshan Art Museum (2013)
Between Grass and Flowers – Guangzhou Ink Village Art Space (2013)
Huaying Linquan – China Duanyan Exhibition Hall (2013)
Rui Ha and Floating Fragrance-Zhuhai Daxiangshan Art Museum (2013)
Anzhi Tinglan-Shunde Art Museum (2013)

Exclusive Collection:
"The Collection of Zhu Tao's Seal Cutting" (2001)
"Zhu Tao Painting Collection" (2003)
"Chinese Contemporary Influential Painter Series-Zhu Tao" (2005)
"The 100 Most Collectible Chinese Painters in 2005-Zhu Tao's Painting Collection (China International Fine Arts Publishing House)
"Autumn and Wind-Zhu Tao's Works" (2006)
"Easy-Zhu Tao's Seal Cutting Collection" (2007)
"Selection of Zhu Tao's Golden Paper Flower and Bird Painting" (2008)
"Clouds and Waters-Zhu Tao's Landscape and Figure Painting Desk Calendar" (2009)
"Autumn Fun-Collection of Ceramic Art Works by Zhu Tao and Gu Yin" (2010)
"Fangzhou Qihua-Zhu Tao's 2011 Collection of Chinese Painting and Porcelain Art"
"Burning the Kiln and Making Ink-Zhu Tao's 2011 Porcelain Art and Chinese Painting Collection"
"Zhu Tao, Gu Yin Porcelain Art" (2013)
"Between the Grass and Flowers-Zhu Tao's Essays on Grass and Insects" (2013)

"A Collection by Famous Chinese Painters" (China People's Fine Arts Publishing House)
"Phoenix Nirvana – Collection of Four Porcelain Art" (Hong Kong Oriental Art Center)
"Ink and Wash Works of Seven Sages" Part 1, 2 and 3
"Inheritance and Fusion – Collection of Works by Famous Artists" Series 1, 2, 3, 4
"The True Form and the Far Realm – Gongbi Painting Collection" Part 1, 2 and 3
"Lingnan Flower and Bird Painting Invitation Exhibition Collection"
"2170 Chinese Painting Collection"
"Ink and Wash Mind Image 2015"

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