Fountain   2852

Fountain _ 2852

Piece description from the artist

Tap into the regenerative energy of nature-based design: My dreamy, photographic water-series are full of soft gradients and details. Light reflects on tranquil waves and circular ripples formed by drops of water falling from a fountain. Delicate white pearls bounce back in a joyful way. Bringing nature inside, I hope this piece will be a source of calm and relaxation for you.

Other works by Petra U. Trimmel

About Petra U. Trimmel

San Francisco, CA

Petra U Trimmel combines photography and graphic art to make stunning abstract wall-art designs and fantasy landscapes. Petra's designs span the color spectrum, some very colorful, some muted to provide a selection that will fit your interior design needs. Petra loves to experiment with a variety of looks. Shaped by her expertise in graphic art, photography and product development, Petra's art is also geared to enhance environments like hotels, workplace and healthcare-settings across the globe.

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