Fog in the Smoky Mountains DSC_0873

Piece description from the artist

Fog in the Smoky Mountains DSC_0873 … A captivating photograph of the Smoky Mountains capturing the essence of this iconic mountain range. The scene features layers of mist and haze, creating an ethereal atmosphere that gives the mountains their name. The rolling peaks and valleys would be covered in lush, green foliage, with trees like pine, oak, and maple contributing to the rich tapestry of colors.

The play of light and shadow on the mountain slopes add depth to the image, as the sun interacts with the ever-present mist, creating a soft and dreamlike quality. The rugged terrain of the Smokies, with its jagged peaks and rocky outcrops, provide a sense of both grandeur and serenity.

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About Michael Thomas

Utica, MI

Michael Thomas started out in the Photography business in 1972, working in a commercial photo lab printing black and white photographs. For the next 45 years he was involved in an ever-evolving education in the art of photography and printing techniques. In 2001, he established Micdesigns to showcase his own creative side. In 2009, he started to produce his images for sale. By using his years of experience from the photolab, as well as new techniques afforded by digital image processing, Michael has developed as style of photography all his own. You can also see more of my images at his website , his Facebook page … or his Instagram page … You ca also purchase his images on his website at

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