Piece description from the artist

At 8×6 inches, the small size of this original is meant to reflect the personal nature of this very small flowerbed, almost lost behind the larger, more prominent gardens. Shy little petals of color surrounded by clovers peek out, trying meekly to break out of the confines of their stone barrier.

Other works by Jonathan Jahnke

About Jonathan Jahnke

Metairie, LA

Jonathan Jahnke is a freelance painter, illustrator, and photographer living in New Orleans, Louisiana. In an abstract style, Jonathan distorts reality following the school of "post-impressionism.":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-Impressionism He is most interested in capturing the psychology behind a scene than the exact details. He uses dark, sketchy lines over bright, primary colors to simplify a piece down to its essence. Jonathan draws inspiration from the color, architecture, and character of life in New Orleans, as well as his travels through Europe and Asia.

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