Floating grapes

Floating Grapes

Piece description from the artist

Grapes vary in color from green to yellow to red to blue. Although I painted this bunch of grapes very realistically, each grape is in fact an abstract painting by itself.
One could even consider them as planets with oceans and continents. As I have painted a similar picture of these grapes I wanted this one a bit different, so I decided to let these grapes overcome gravity.

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About Dietrich Moravec

Burgau, Germany

Dietrich Moravec has been a selftaught artist for more than 4 decades. In the 1970s he began studying the techniques of the old masters. He experimented with egg tempera and oil painting, later on with acrylics in combination with oils or just acrylics. He dedicated himself to realism and photorealism. Other atistic techniques he used to work with are etching, drawings with graphite and charcoal, and scratchboard. His main subjects are still lifes with fruits or flowers, landscapes and sometimes animals. He made his living as an architectural draftsman and a teacher for arts and IT. Now he is retired and lives in a small town in Bavaria, Germany.

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