Fleur de Terre

Piece description from the artist

"The Earth laughs in flowers" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Other works by Tammy Kingan

About Tammy Kingan

Boston , MA

Tammy Kingan studied Marine Biology and taught high school science for years before she began to fully pursue art. Frustrated after hearing about her favorite animals being eliminated because of high-rise buildings and beachside condos, she woke up and thought, "What if they grew to be over five hundred feet tall with laser beams?"

With the discovery that acrylic paints can glow, Tammy decided to get back into painting and has been doing so live, on-stage at various concerts, for over two years now.

She has painted for many musicians, including "Dr. Fameus":http://www.drfameus.com/ of Allan of The Disco Biscuits, "Eliot Lipp":http://eliotlipp.com, "Wobblesauce":https://www.wobblesauce.com, "The Indobox":http://theindobox.com/, and "Twiddle":http://www.twiddlemusic.com/ among others.

Tammy currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts, and all of her live paintings are signed by each musician.

See Tammy's portfolio here

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