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Fleet of 50 (10 of 50)

Piece description from the artist

Friend and Griffin, collectively working as Gentleman’s Game since 2011, have explored the themes of mythology, technology, history and mortality viewed through the murky waters of the Atlantic, the vast ocean that covers nearly the entire surface of their world.
Their partnership is considered unique, but it is their signature technique for bridging the gap between the digital and the handmade that is unlike any other. Both artists work together to create works by combining mixed media in a process that employs various methodologies rooted in painting, printmaking, collage, drawing and image transfer. Images, textures and handmade marks are often scanned, printed and then transferred to the canvas or paper surface using a fixative. The transfer process is facilitated through the application and removal of numerous layers of paper medium allowing different effects begin to develop and variations are created within the moment. Though technology is integral to their process, it is ultimately the artist’s hand that is responsible for the final creative decisions.

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About Gentleman's Game Brandon Friend & Jason Griffin

Long Island City, NY

Gentleman's Game is a collaboration by artists Brandon Friend and Jason Douglas Griffin. The creative process was visually depicted by the two in a feature piece titled "A Gentleman's Game" in their 2011 show Identity Crisis, where two chess players are seen countering projected moves by the other. Friend and Griffin have unique mixed media approaches to art which fuse seamlessly together in their collaborative works. Gentleman's Game is founded on mutual respect, trust, and fair play.

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